Kings Of Leon Concert, Tonight

I hate to make anyone jealous but I  must release my excitement for the Kings of Leon show I’ll be attending tonight at the infamous Hollywood Bowl before I burst.  I’ve been a KOL fan since their inception, LONG before “Sex On Fire,” and I’m glad to see a great band with actual talent make it big. That’s what this industry is about right? Making and spreading GOOD music? I’d rather a previously under-the-radar band “hit it big” than a talentless, washed-up “celebrity” (a la Lindsay Lohan), but I digress.

After living in Los Angeles for 3 years, tonight I will lose my Hollywood Bowl virginity. That’s right. I live right above it in the hills, get stuck in its horrendously slow traffic every day of the summer, but have never attended one of its numerous summer shows. What a better way to be de-virginized than by seeing Kings Of Leon? At any rate, expect to see some uploads from the concert within the next few days. However, I must warn you, I will be in attendance tonight with my binocular-shaped flask. Needless to say, the pictures may turnout subpar — thanks in advance for your understanding!

Enjoy some Bonnaroo KOL “Sex On Fire,” my friends! Wish you were here.

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