Hot or Not: Tired Pony

While writing one of my previous entries, I came across a side band started by Snow Patrol’s Gary Lightbody called Tired Pony. The 7 person band was formed in 2009 and also consists of Belle & Sebastian drummer Richard Colburn and R.E.M guitarist Peter Buck. Just hearing these three names you think goldmine, well at least I did since I immediately think of Postal Service and what a big hit they were.

The album The Place We Ran From has been described by Lightbody as “country-tinged” and listening to the songs you start to really hear that. I listened to the single “Dead American Writers” in hopes that it would blow my mind but instead I’m totally on the fence. I almost feel that the songs are just almost there, that they needed a little more to push me over the edge to loving but I’m just meh about it. I love Lightbody’s voice. I love Peter Buck’s guitar playing which is so distinctive you almost feel like you are listening to R.E.M. But I just can’t put my finger on why I’m not “Over the Moon” about this band. Tired Pony’s album drops in the US September 28th. Listen to the single and let us know your thoughts on this super group.

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