New Band Alert: Vintage Trouble

I finally have an outlet to write about amazing bands that I see in Los Angeles that aren’t well known! Aren’t you happy for me? Anyway…last night while at Bar Lubitsch I saw this band that blew me out of the water. I have never been to a smaller show where the crowd got so into the songs, but that is exactly what I happened.

 Vintage Trouble is a throwback band reminiscent of James Brown, The Rolling Stones and Marvin Gaye with just as much entertainment and style. The lead singer commands the stage with such enourmous energy, dancing around the stage and in the crowd and don’t even get me started on that voice. The band also knows what they are doing style-wise as they are all in sync dressed in suit pants with button-downs and vests, some even wearing hats. All of this together made for an amazing show last night and you better believe I will be back to see them again. It surprises me that a group with such talent has yet to see a record deal, but I guess that is what happens when record labels are only interested in the Katy Perry’s of the world.  Check out their website here and if I were you I would see them live. They play every Tuesday night at Harvelle’s Blues Club in Santa Monica.

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