New Brandon Flowers – “Swallow It”

Check out a new song from The Killers‘ frontman Brandon Flowers‘ solo album Flamingo. The track is called “Swallow It” and features hints of The Killers mixed with a little Flowers originality.

Flamingo hits shelves September 6th, with the following tracklist:

1. “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas” Brendan O’Brien 4:48
2. “Only the Young” Stuart Price 4:19
3. “Hard Enough” (featuring Jenny Lewis) Price, Daniel Lanois 4:05
4. “Jilted Lovers & Broken Hearts” Price, Lanois 4:40
5. “Playing with Fire” Price, Lanois 5:48
6. “Was It Something I Said?” Price, Lanois 3:19
7. “Magdalena” O’Brien 3:19
8. Crossfire O’Brien 4:18
9. “On the Floor” Price, Lanois 3:23
10. “Swallow It” Price, Lanois 2:57
Total length:

Deluxe Bonus Tracks:

11. “The Clock Was Tickin'” 4:49
12. “Jacksonville” 4:01
13. “I Came Here to Get Over You” 2:21
14. “Right Behind You” 3:53
15. “On the Floor 2.0” (iTunes pre-order bonus track)
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