READ: Best Coast Interviewed in LA Weekly

Indie music lovers everywhere… rejoice! LA Weekly has published an interview with lo-fi surf music chick Bethany Cosentino of Best Coast. The article covers topics such as her previous music endeavors, dropping out of college and being named #4 on NME‘s annual cool list. I personally saw Best Coast perform at FYF Fest in LA and I must say they sound awesome…if you don’t listen to them now, give it a listen. Check out some quotes below from the interview and check out the full article at LA Weekly.

On being named #4 on NME’s Cool List:

“But I don’t know why in the world NME would say I’m the fourth coolest person in the world and put me next to a person like Kanye West, who to me is like … Jesus … on some Jesus kind of level, and I’m just this 24-year-old girl that, you know, sits around my house and goes on tour and talks about Jersey Shore and does all those kinds of stuff.”

On living in New York:

“Walk to my classes, did all my classes, got back on the train, went home, did homework. It just started to become so mundane — it was the same thing every day and I never felt like I could relax.”

On songs she writes:

 “I have an ear for coming up with melodies that are catchy and memorable to people. Most of the songs on our record are very similar and kind of repetitive, but I think they get stuck in people’s heads.”

For more on the article check out LA Weekly.

For more on Best Coast check out .

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