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The Suzan Perform Acoustic Set on Virgin Mobile Live

Check out The Suzan perform an acoustic version of “Home” on Virgin Mobile Live and don’t forget to grab their debut album Golden Week for the Poco Poco Beat out now on iTunes!


Cover of the Day: The Pretty Reckless – “Islands/Love The Way You Lie” Mashup

I feel like a total jerk for even posting anything about The Pretty Reckless. If you are unaware this band is fronted by Gossip Girl’s Little Jenny, real name Taylor Momsen. And also if you not aware she acts like a total asshole most of the time, like a miniature Courtney Love! As much as all these things together should turn me off to the band…I .. kind…of …like it. Perhaps I need music rehab or something but I find that they sound similar to Hole which I like and was also fronted by the very person she acts like. I wonder if that was done on purpose? Anyway here is a cover that The Pretty Reckless did which is a mashup of  Rihanna’s hook from “Love the Way You Lie” and “Islands” by XX. This comes after Tay Tay dissed Rihanna so it seems that she is doing a little back peddle dance. Check it out below.

Cover of the Day: La Roux’s “Bulletproof” Acoustic

I seriously hate hearing “Bulletproof” by La Roux because undoubtingly it will be stuck in my head for days. Plus I always envision Tilda Swinton in Chronicles of Narnia…you have to admit La Roux may be her doppelganger!

I now bring you the Cover of the Day thanks to Youtube user Ariel Sabaj and her guitar. If this song  sounded like this I wouldn’t care if it was always stuck in my head!

Check out Ariel’s Youtube channel here for more songs.

La Roux or Tilda Swinton's Doppelganger

See: Robyn Perform at Hollywood’s Amoeba Records

Euro-pop extraordinaire Robyn will be performing a free set on July 23rd at Amoeba Records in Hollywood. The show starts at 7 pm but trust me when I tell you to get there a few hours in advance since big acts like this draw a large crowd and the place hits capacity quick! Robyn’s club-worthy pop songs have been a staple in my ipod for quite some time now, but I realize that this is one of those “you either love her or hate her” artists as I’ve come to find out with friends. She has recently released a new album Body Talk Pt.1 and has plans to release 2 more albums by the end of this year. This chick is seriously making me look like a procrastinating loser! So far the tracks from Body Talk Pt.1 are more electro than her previous self-titled album, which the exception of the single “Dancing On My Own” which could have easily fit on the last. My personal favorite from Body Talk Pt. 1 is “Fembot” and does what most Robyn songs do best: it’s easy to dance to but if sung acoustic the true raw emotions of the lyrics come out. Check out the below acoustic set of “Dancing On My Own” and look out for Body Talk Pt.2 dropping in the U.K on September 6th. Konichiwa Bitches.