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NEW: Kings of Leon “Beach Side”

Kings of Leon‘s Come Around Sundown is just around the corner… but let this current leak hold you over until the official release next week. P.S. I CANNOT WAIT!

You know you love it.


Watch: M.I.A. “Story To Be Told”

M.I.A. adds another work of art to her psyche-digital gallery. This time it’s her “Story To Be Told” video seen only at (Yes that is a real URL — thank god for CTRL + C).


Watch: Ok Go “White Knuckles”

Those crazy boys from Ok Go are at it again! This time they invade IKEA with the Westminster Dog Show! Check out the one-shot video for White Knuckles below, directed by the lead singer’s sister, Trish Sie (also responsible for the treadmill video known as “Here It Goes Again”). Fun fact: it only took 2 weeks to fully train the dogs!

WTF Video: Vampire Weekend Karaoke Gone Wrong

I’ve recently been introduced to one of the world’s biggest karaoke addicts. YouTuber msyugioh123 has an abundant YT channel of videos, all featuring her singing (and re-singing) numerous karaoke songs. She covers anything from Rihanna to Rick Astley, and takes requests! Do NOT miss her Vampire Weekend A-Punk cover, below!

New Linkin Park Song That’s Actually Good

Throughout the past few years, Linkin Park has been sounding more and more homogeneous with their old sound. They were in desperate need for a sonic facelift. Well folks, that time has come! Check out this new melodic-dub-rock song a la Dirty Heads/Sublime, called Waiting For The End. If their new album, A Thousand Suns, is more like this and less like The End, consider me a resurrected fan.