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LISTEN: Kanye West & Jay-Z – “H.A.M.”

The first track off the highly anticipated Kanye/Jay-Z collab album Watch The Throne has officially dropped this morning. Kanye’s current album was named Top Album of 2010 on basically every list out there and it seems to be flowing over to this one. I don’t think you could possibly go wrong with this collaboration album. at.all. Listen to “H.A.M.” (hard as a motherfucker) below!

UPDATE: Well the youtube videos keep on being removed so if you want to check out the song follow this link:


DOWNLOAD: Nottz Raw x Asher Roth – “Gotta Get Up”

Hell yes I downloaded this song. The track titled “Gotta Get Up” which also features Chester French member D.A. Wallach is off Asher Roth and Nottz Raw collab mixtape Rawth which drops 12/27. Keep an eye out on the web for it but in the meantime download the track below!


LISTEN: Kanye West and Jay-Z – “That’s My Bitch” Feat. Elly Jackson

So Kanye’s epic album is out and everyone is gushing about it…which they should because it is amazing. A Kanye/Jay-Z track has emerged this morning most likely off their future joint album (Thanks to SKOA for the heads up). The song also features Elly Jackson aka La Roux who sings that “Bulletproof” song you can never get out of your head. Listen to the track below…are you excited for the Kanye/Jay-Z album??

LISTEN: Samples of Danger Mouse’s New Project Rome

Does this guy ever take a break? From what I can tell…the answer is no. Check out samples of Danger Mouse’s new project with Daniele Luppi called Rome. Speaking of over-achievers Jack White is featured as a vocalist as well as Norah Jones. Listen to the samples below (via SKOA)!

WTF Song: 50 Cent & Soulja Boy – “Mean Mug”

Where to begin on this new track titled “Mean Mug” from Soulja Boy and 50 Cent. I get that it’s suppose to be a “fuck you” to their haters but they have put together some of the most unintimidating disses..well..ever, not to mention the weak beat. On the bright side…they could get into the Guinness Book of World Records for most use of “fuck” and the n-word in one song which isn’t exactly what I look for in my rap songs. Honestly Soulja Boy needs to go away forever and now 50 Cent is right back to zero on his “comeback”. Do people actually listen to this crap?

Stream: John Legend and The Roots – “Wake Up”

Stream the new John Legend and The Roots collaborative album Wake Up via NPR until a week after it’s release date on September 21. I haven’t been too thrilled by anything Legend has done since his debut album so I am quite pleased by what I am hearing so far off this one which includes some cover renditions of classic songs by Marvin Gaye and Nina Simone.. If you are into 1960’s soul music then you will probably as well enjoy.

Check it out at NPR music here: John Legend and The Roots – Wake Up

Listen: Jenny and Johnny album “I’m Having Fun Now”

Rilo Kiley frontwoman Jenny Lewis and boyfriend musician Jonathan Rice have been making sweet sweet music together and not in that way sicko, get your mind out of the gutter! They will be releasing a collaboration album titled I’m Having Fun Now on August 31st which has a nice upbeat indie pop sound to it. Stream the album on NPR until the release date and download track “Animal” below!

Jenny and Johnny