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LISTEN: Jessica Lea Mayfield – “Our Hearts Are Wrong”

Although this singer has had 2 previous albums, I just now ran across Jessica Lea Mayfield. Like many comments on YouTube, you just can’t put a finger on what it is with this chick that makes her so appealing. Whatever it is it works. She has a hauntingly beautiful voice, somewhat reminding me of 90’s rock, but also sounding a little country at times. Hopefully that doesn’t scare anyone off. The first single “Our Hearts Are Wrong” off her newly released album Tell Me reminds me of something on my bathtime playlist…you know when you take a bath and light a bunch of candles and just relax. You can download this song for free at Jessica’s website and if you like it, the album is also available for purchase on iTunes.


NEW ARTIST ALERT: The Naked And Famous “Young Blood”

Loving this new youth-anthem by fresh New Zealand indie-rockers The Naked and Famous. Check it out and share your thoughts.

FREE DOWNLOAD: Noah and the Whale – “Wild Thing”

So I can’t stop listening to this Noah and the Whale song…maybe because it goes with the weather here in LA today-that post rain crisp feel. Listen to the track “Wild Thing” below and if you love it like I do you can download it for free! Also, keep an eye out for their new album Last Night on Earth which is set to be released in March.


Last Sunday we attended the Florence + The Machine concert at The Wiltern in LA…amazing amazing show. I’m glad that we made it to the show to catch the opening bands, one of which I was extremely impressed with: Grouplove. They had this great energy in their performance, even though they were the opening opening band I thought they played as if they were the main act. I loved their sound too…very west coast indie pop. Grouplove’s song “Gold Coast” was featured on the Sorcerer’s Apprentice Soundtrack and they are going to be starting a residency at Bootleg Theater (for all you Los Angeles peeps) in January 2011. They will also be releasing a full length album in 2011…they could possibly become my new Local Natives (blasphemy!!). Listen to the songs below and check out their interview with Los Angeles Times here.

Another Cover Of The Day: Darwin Deez does Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream”

Check out the Darwin Deez rendition of Katy Perry‘s pubescent lovesong “Teenage Dream.” Keep your ears open for the funny additions like “sex” and “Russell Brand.”


Watch: Ok Go “White Knuckles”

Those crazy boys from Ok Go are at it again! This time they invade IKEA with the Westminster Dog Show! Check out the one-shot video for White Knuckles below, directed by the lead singer’s sister, Trish Sie (also responsible for the treadmill video known as “Here It Goes Again”). Fun fact: it only took 2 weeks to fully train the dogs!

Download: Warpaint – “Undertow”

Warpaint has announced a free download of track “Undertow” off their upcoming EP The Fool hitting stores and such October 25. I got to catch their set at FYF fest and these ladies can rock! I’m excited to hear new material from them which will also be on the upcoming EP according to the email I received.

Download here: Warpaint “Undertow”

The Fool Track List:

1. Set Your Arms Down

2. Warpaint

3. Undertow

4. Bees

5. Shadows

6. Composure

7. Baby

8. Majesty

9. Lissie’s Heart Murmur