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LISTEN: Peter, Bjorn and John – “Second Chance”

This song has just made me excited for PBJ (HA!) new album. Not that I wasn’t before…actually I wasn’t. Listen to the track “Second Chance” off their upcoming album Gimme Some.


Cover of the Day: Adele – “Lovesong” (The Cure)

Basically anything with “Adele” in the title is going to be good. The cover of The Cure’s “Lovesong” will be on her upcoming album 21 which everyone is excited about, including my Dad oddly enough. I love when parents call you and say “Hey…have you heard of this Adele? Just caught her song Rolling in the Deep on the radio….good stuff”. Exact quote from my father. Anyway, listen to the cover below!

UPDATE: Song keeps getting taken down…boo! Check it out at SKOA.

LISTEN: Lykke Li – “I Follow Rivers”

Yet another track leak from Lykke Li’s upcoming album Wounded Rhymes out March 1st. We’ve loved all the tracks so far, what about you?

WATCH: Unofficial Kanye West Video for “Monster”

Watch this video while you can, it won’t be up for long. Looks like the music video for Mr. West’s “Monster” which features..well…everyone…has leaked online. In true Kanye fashion this video is awesome so far but we have no idea if it is complete. Check it out!

LISTEN: Kanye West and Jay-Z – “That’s My Bitch” Feat. Elly Jackson

So Kanye’s epic album is out and everyone is gushing about it…which they should because it is amazing. A Kanye/Jay-Z track has emerged this morning most likely off their future joint album (Thanks to SKOA for the heads up). The song also features Elly Jackson aka La Roux who sings that “Bulletproof” song you can never get out of your head. Listen to the track below…are you excited for the Kanye/Jay-Z album??

LEAK: Lupe Fiasco Feat. John Legend – “Never Forget You”

John Legend should sing on every track everywhere, thats my opinion. This is a leaked track from Lupe titled “Never Forget You” but no word yet if this is off his upcoming album Lasers. Listen below!

LEAKS: More Nicki Minaj Tracks Leaked

Nicki Minaj leaks and news have been blowing it up lately. Me thinks it is due to the fact that on Monday her album drops…doesn’t take a genius to figure that out. Or does it? Anyway check out 2 more leaked tracks. “Blazin” features Kanye whos album also drops on the 22nd, and “Fly” features Rihanna. What albums will you be purchasing this Monday?

Blazin – featuring Kanye West:

Fly-featuring Rihanna: