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LISTEN: Lil’ Wayne – “Six Foot Seven Foot”

I know I am a little late to this song…so sue me. But really don’t unless you want a bunch of lint balls and pennies. Anyway looks like Weezy has been busy since his release from prison. The track “Six Foot Seven Foot” is the first single off upcoming album Carter IV and it’s back to what we love, none of that rap-rock crap. Check out the track below which will be able via iTunes for purchase.

OOPS…for some reason it won’t let me post the song (I think). I will try to update it tomorrow once I land in the mitten state.


Lil Wayne is a Free Man

Congratulations to Lil Wayne who was released from prison Thursday morning. I had heard rumors that his people tried to find a plane with a recording studio in it…does this mean we may have some new Weezy music? We can only hope. In celebration of his freedom  maybe you want to purchase a Lil Wayne wall decal…just put it up in your living room, it’ll be like you were always friends!! Check it out here .

Mashup of the Day: “Red Hot Chilipop” -Lil Wayne & Kanye West vs. Red Hot Chili Peppers

My co-blogger sent me a YouTube mashup yesterday and thus sparked an hour long visit to the site listening to mashups. It’s always so addicting when the “Other Videos Similar” pop up and you keep on choosing videos…all of a sudden you’ve been on YouTube for an entire day. Here is a cool mashup I found of Lil Wayne & Kanye West vs. Red Hot Chili Peppers= awesome. Enjoy!

New Lil Wayne and Drake “Right Above It”

A new track leaked this morning from Lil Wayne‘s upcoming EP, I’m Not A Human Being. He may not be a human being, but he is definitely a hit-maker — and a criminal, but I can dismiss that one. Check out Right Above It featuring fellow Young Money member Drake, and pick up the new EP September 27th (coinciding with Weezy’s 28th birthday).