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LISTEN: Jessica Lea Mayfield – “Our Hearts Are Wrong”

Although this singer has had 2 previous albums, I just now ran across Jessica Lea Mayfield. Like many comments on YouTube, you just can’t put a finger on what it is with this chick that makes her so appealing. Whatever it is it works. She has a hauntingly beautiful voice, somewhat reminding me of 90’s rock, but also sounding a little country at times. Hopefully that doesn’t scare anyone off. The first single “Our Hearts Are Wrong” off her newly released album Tell Me reminds me of something on my bathtime playlist…you know when you take a bath and light a bunch of candles and just relax. You can download this song for free at Jessica’s website and if you like it, the album is also available for purchase on iTunes.


LISTEN: Lady Gaga – “Born This Way”


Lady Gaga is channeling her inner Madonna in her first single “Born This Way” off her upcoming album with the same name due out in May. I do not want to make any preemptive  judgements but so far I am just meh about this. The song sounds very “been there done that” to me but we will just have to wait and see what the rest of the album holds! Listen below and let us know what you think of the track.

LISTEN: Peter, Bjorn and John – “Second Chance”

This song has just made me excited for PBJ (HA!) new album. Not that I wasn’t before…actually I wasn’t. Listen to the track “Second Chance” off their upcoming album Gimme Some.

LISTEN: Lil’ Wayne – “Six Foot Seven Foot”

I know I am a little late to this song…so sue me. But really don’t unless you want a bunch of lint balls and pennies. Anyway looks like Weezy has been busy since his release from prison. The track “Six Foot Seven Foot” is the first single off upcoming album Carter IV and it’s back to what we love, none of that rap-rock crap. Check out the track below which will be able via iTunes for purchase.

OOPS…for some reason it won’t let me post the song (I think). I will try to update it tomorrow once I land in the mitten state.

LISTEN: Bright Eyes – “Shell Games”

Conor is back, and I am so happy. The track “Shell Games” is off Bright Eyes upcoming album The People’s Key out February 15. From the sounds of this song, Conor is straying from his usual sound and going more modern and a little more radio friendly. Listen to the song below and download it on the Saddle Creek Records Website.

LISTEN: Kanye West – “Christmas in Harlem”

There is nothing Kanye can’t take on…not even Christmas! Ye just released this song “Christmas in Harlem” that kind of makes you want to be walking around in the snow..which I will be in one week (Michigan). Typical Kanye has grabbed everyone and their mom for this track. Listen below!

LISTEN: Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros – “Fire & Water”

ES&TMZ have released a new-ish song for your listening pleasure. I say new-ish because it wasn’t on the debut album but is actually from their iTunes session so if you were hoping that meant another album you are sadly mistaken. I really dig this song titled “Fire & Water”… it’s not too hippie eccentric like many of their songs it’s just chill and somewhat simple. It reminds me of The Band…modern day of course. Listen below!