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LISTEN UP: Cee-Lo Covers Kings of Leon!

‘The Lady Killer’ just made my day 10x better by covering the newest single by Kings of Leon. Further proof that Cee-Lo has a Midas Touch.


WATCH: OK Go Does It Again

In the present days of less than mediocre music videos, OK Go has found a way to keep an audience engaged. First making it big with their ‘Treadmill Video’ (aka “Here It Goes Again”), and now their stop-motion animated video featuring a loaf of burnt toast as a canvas. Check out “Last Leaf” (unfortunately, only available on MySpace).


NEW: Kid Cudi + Mary J Blige “These Worries”

Check out this newly leaked track from Kid Cudi and Mary J Blige. AWESOMELY dark. Or darkly AWESOME? Whatev..

PREVIEW: Kanye West Leaks

Happy Friday!

We’re super excited to host some advance samples from Kanye‘s upcoming My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy! If you pay attention, you’ll realize most of the songs were featured in ‘Ye’s short film ‘Runaway‘ but now you can stream them below at your command. Enjoy the songs and PURCHASE good music! đŸ˜‰

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Preview Cee-Lo’s “Lady Killer” CD

Cee-Lo Green, the genious mastermind behind Gnarls Barkley, once dropped by his label Arista, is back with a new solo album “The Lady Killer”! If you love hearing music BEFORE everyone else (like I think you do), then you’ll be pleased to hear that Cee-Lo just uploaded samples of his upcoming tracks on his YouTube page. Check out my picks below:

NEW: Flo Rida “Turn Around (5, 4, 3, 2, 1)”

I hate to admit it but I like this new Flo Rida track. Partially because he samples the infamous song from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, and partially because Flo just makes kickass club bangers. Period.

Give a listen to “Turn Around (5, 4, 3, 2, 1)” below and prepare to hear it repeatedly on the dancefloor in t-minus 2 weeks.

LISTEN: Kanye + Pharrell + Lupe “Don’t Stop!”

Last Friday, Kanye released one of his best GOOD Friday songs yet. The track is called “Don’t Stop!” and features ‘Ye, Pharrell, and Lupe Fiasco (collectively known as Child Rebel Soldier). The energy pulses throughout and the trio has a kickass collective flow. Check it out below!