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LEAKS: More Nicki Minaj Tracks Leaked

Nicki Minaj leaks and news have been blowing it up lately. Me thinks it is due to the fact that on Monday her album drops…doesn’t take a genius to figure that out. Or does it? Anyway check out 2 more leaked tracks. “Blazin” features Kanye whos album also drops on the 22nd, and “Fly” features Rihanna. What albums will you be purchasing this Monday?

Blazin – featuring Kanye West:

Fly-featuring Rihanna:


Watch: Rihanna – “Who’s That Chick” Official Video

Looks like Ri-Ri has release a new song AND music video. Titled “Who’s That Chick” the track is produced by David Guetta, probably the hottest person in the music industry right now. All I have to say is AUTOTUNE!!! The song isn’t anything special it actually sounds like “Just Dance” by Lady Gaga to us. Watch the 80’s disco Alice in Wonderland video below!

Cover of the Day: The Pretty Reckless – “Islands/Love The Way You Lie” Mashup

I feel like a total jerk for even posting anything about The Pretty Reckless. If you are unaware this band is fronted by Gossip Girl’s Little Jenny, real name Taylor Momsen. And also if you not aware she acts like a total asshole most of the time, like a miniature Courtney Love! As much as all these things together should turn me off to the band…I .. kind…of …like it. Perhaps I need music rehab or something but I find that they sound similar to Hole which I like and was also fronted by the very person she acts like. I wonder if that was done on purpose? Anyway here is a cover that The Pretty Reckless did which is a mashup of  Rihanna’s hook from “Love the Way You Lie” and “Islands” by XX. This comes after Tay Tay dissed Rihanna so it seems that she is doing a little back peddle dance. Check it out below.

Watch: Eminem Makes Appearance at Rihanna Concert

Last night at Rihanna’s Los Angeles concert, none other than Em himself joined her on stage to perform their amazing hit “Love the Way You Lie.” They totally kill it! So far Eminem has only announced 5 shows, 4 of which he will be co-headlining with Jay-Z and will be held in Detroit and New York. I think thats the one time I’ve missed a show because I WASN’T in Michigan. Hopefully he will be doing a full US tour and based on this performance I will be purchasing tickets. Watch the crowd go full on crazy when Em starts!

Rihanna vs. Papa Roach “Rude Boy Resort”