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Download: Warpaint – “Undertow”

Warpaint has announced a free download of track “Undertow” off their upcoming EP The Fool hitting stores and such October 25. I got to catch their set at FYF fest and these ladies can rock! I’m excited to hear new material from them which will also be on the upcoming EP according to the email I received.

Download here: Warpaint “Undertow”

The Fool Track List:

1. Set Your Arms Down

2. Warpaint

3. Undertow

4. Bees

5. Shadows

6. Composure

7. Baby

8. Majesty

9. Lissie’s Heart Murmur


New Video: Florence + the Machine “Drumming Song”

Florence, sans The Machine

One of my favorite artists of late, Florence + The Machine, is already a big deal across the pond. As is with most UK artists, expect to hear much them in the forthcoming months when our country finally gets with it and discovers new talent, beyond Lady Gaga (see The Ting Tings, Kings of Leon, etc.). Catch up on F+TM’s greatness by watching their latest video for Drumming Song (below) and the rest of their catalog on their YouTube channel. I dare you to not like it.

M.I.A. Recruits Jay-Z For “XXXO (Remix)”

After the initial release –er leak– of M.I.A.’s new electro single “XXXO,” cold feedback came pouring in from many critics saying the track was too “poppy.” So what did the controversial hitmaker do? She teamed up with someone with a wealth of street cred — Jay-Z. The addition of Hov’s verse makes the “XXXO (Remix)” ‘much more palatable, albeit still bubblegum, and reunited the two since T.I. featured both on 2008’s “Swagga Like Us.

“M.I.A.’s new album “/\/\ /\ Y /\” (cryptic for her real name ‘Maya’) is expected to drop July 13th.

Listen to the remix and give your opinion: