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LISTEN: Adele – Rolling in the Deep


Yes…british songstress Adele is finally back with a new single titled “Rolling in the Deep” off her sophmore album 21 which will be released early 2011. I just love her voice she can really belt it out but still keeping intact this raw emotion. Check out the song below!


Stream: John Legend and The Roots – “Wake Up”

Stream the new John Legend and The Roots collaborative album Wake Up via NPR until a week after it’s release date on September 21. I haven’t been too thrilled by anything Legend has done since his debut album so I am quite pleased by what I am hearing so far off this one which includes some cover renditions of classic songs by Marvin Gaye and Nina Simone.. If you are into 1960’s soul music then you will probably as well enjoy.

Check it out at NPR music here: John Legend and The Roots – Wake Up

Recent Concerts: Sunset Junction

Whats up everybody? It’s been a pretty intense 2 days of concerts which has resulted in liver failure and blisters, specifically in that order. My friends and I hit up Sunset Junction festival on Sunday around 5pm and were able to see three awesome sets: The Deadly Syndrome, Mayer Hawthorne & The County and of course Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros.

First up we caught half a set from The Deadly Syndrome on The Fold stage. I was really enjoying this band who have this indie semi-psychedelic sound to them although I felt bad because I was a little more interested in the acid dancing grandma nearby. Check out their music video for “Armrest” below!

Next up was Mayer Hawthorne and The County giving us some Motown soul. Mayer Hawthorne is like a less generic version of Michael Buble having much more original soul. Probably the funniest moment was during one song when all of a sudden a group of backup dancers rushed the stage. It was totally not expected and pretty bad ass helping him stand out from other throwback singers.

Last but not least local favorite and quickly rising hippie band Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros, a personal fave of us writers here at The Boom Echo. Unfortunately I was so far back from the stage it creates a different experience but they still killed it and everyone of course was jumping around during “Home.” The band has this great energy, sometimes too hippie for me like when they wanted the crowd to all marry each other. I didn’t really get it but that is just how they are. The last song they performed, lead singer Alex got down into the audience urging everyone to sit down with him for the last song which was pretty cool to see. If you have a chance to see ES & TMZ live I really urge you to. There is just something about their music and the energy that they bring to the performance that create a great show all together!

NEW ARTIST ALERT: Ben l’Oncle Soul

Let me preface this blog with this: I do not speak French — excluding “voux le vous couche avec moi” thanks to Moulin Rouge. However I’d like to add that good music is good music, notwithstanding the language.

Introducing an up-and-coming French artist I recently discovered online: Ben l’Oncle Soul.

The best way to describe him is a Motown-meets-Paris John Legend.. or should I say Jean L’egend? His self-titled album is currently the #1 digital album in all of France, so that speaks for itself.

Check out his French-sung single Soulman below

AND last but MOST IMPORTANTLY, his cover of the legendary White Stripes’ Seven Nation Army

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