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STREAM: The Decemberists – “The King is Dead”

From now until it’s release date of January 18th, you can stream The Decemberists new album The King is Dead on NPR. My brother will be so happy as this is one of his fave bands. Just started listening now and it’s typical great sounds from a great band. Listen at NPR: NPR The Decemberists.


STREAM: Warpaint – “The Fool”

Warpaint is streaming their new album The Fool now through it’s release date on October 25. Check it out on their website and pick up the album when it comes out if like the sounds. I think you will…

Stream: Belle and Sebastian – “Write About Love”

It’s been 4 years since their last album, but indie pop band Belle and Sebastian are back with Write About Love dropping October 12th. With it’s 60’s pop feel and special guest appearances like Norah Jones it keeps my attention and I like it, but the question is will the true B&S followers like it? Probably…I mean they aren’t taking any risks within this album but why mess with a good thing. You can stream the album on NPR Music until it’s release date.

Check out the streaming album here!

Stream: John Legend and The Roots – “Wake Up”

Stream the new John Legend and The Roots collaborative album Wake Up via NPR until a week after it’s release date on September 21. I haven’t been too thrilled by anything Legend has done since his debut album so I am quite pleased by what I am hearing so far off this one which includes some cover renditions of classic songs by Marvin Gaye and Nina Simone.. If you are into 1960’s soul music then you will probably as well enjoy.

Check it out at NPR music here: John Legend and The Roots – Wake Up

Listen: Black Mountain – “Wilderness Heart”

Tomorrow, September 14th, Black Mountain’s new album Wilderness Heart will be dropping in the US of A. Fortunately you can hear it all here before you go on over to your local record store and pick it up thanks to the band’s Myspace page. As soon as I figure out how to embed the player I will but head on over to hear the songs:

Listen: Jenny and Johnny album “I’m Having Fun Now”

Rilo Kiley frontwoman Jenny Lewis and boyfriend musician Jonathan Rice have been making sweet sweet music together and not in that way sicko, get your mind out of the gutter! They will be releasing a collaboration album titled I’m Having Fun Now on August 31st which has a nice upbeat indie pop sound to it. Stream the album on NPR until the release date and download track “Animal” below!

Jenny and Johnny

Stream: Ra Ra Riot’s “The Orchard” Full Album

I personally believe that NPR will be needing to to another Top Albums of 2010 at the end of the year because there is some more great albums being released. One that I just listened to was Ra Ra Riot’s The Orchard which is being released August 24th. I’m straight up digging this album which is streaming on NPR up until the release date. In some songs there is a hint of Vampire Weekend and I have to admit that when I heard the strings in the opening song “The Orchard” I thought it was Dr.Dre. My personal picks are “Too Dramatic” and “Massachusetts.” Stream these songs and more off Ra Ra Riot’s new album on NPR Music here.