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WATCH: Das Racist “Ek Shaneesh”

If you’ve been searching endlessly for the perfect mix between M.I.A. and Asher Roth… then I have a surprise for you! Enter: Brooklyn’s ecclectic trio, Das Racist.

Check out their video for “Ek Shaneesh” and commiserate with me that we’re unable to see them at this year’s SXSW in Austin, Texas. And for those of you lucky enough to see them… I want to be you.



Watch: M.I.A. “Story To Be Told”

M.I.A. adds another work of art to her psyche-digital gallery. This time it’s her “Story To Be Told” video seen only at (Yes that is a real URL — thank god for CTRL + C).


LISTEN: M.I.A “Internet Connection”

One of my favorite new M.I.A tracks off the upcoming MAYA disc, “Internet Connection.”  

LISTEN: MIA’s new album /\/\/\Y/\ (a.k.a. MAYA)

If you haven’t already (illegally) downloaded the new album by Paper Planes electro-artist M.I.A., then you can head on over to her seizure-inducing MySpace page to stream the entire new album. Now, I’ve been a huge M.I.A. fan since long before hip-hop stole her “Swagga Like Us” line (yes, she existed before Paper Planes) but I’m still not completely sold on this new album. A few factors may be the cause:

(a) she procreated for the first time between the last album and this, enter Ikhyd Edgar Arular Bronfman,

(b) she got engaged to Benjamin Bronfman (ex-singer for the band The Exit, and son of Warner Music Group’s CEO),

and (c) got semi-signed by pop-heavy Interscope Records, shared by artists like Lady Gaga, Eminem, and Black Eyed Peas.

Regardless, take a listen to the album and let us know your thoughts! (My fave tracks are XXXO, It Takes A Muscle, Born Free, and Space.)